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This page includes a few examples to give you a sense of my writing style in various formats for a variety of audiences. I’m happy to provide other examples as needed, so if you’re looking for something that you don’t see here, please let me know.

B2B Behavioral Health Marketing

How Can a Revenue Cycle Management Assessment Benefit Your Behavioral Health Organization?

5 Ways Your Behavioral Health Organization Can Stop Claims from Getting Denied

How Data Analytics Can Be a Gamechanger for Client Outcomes

B2C Behavioral Health Content

Dying to Fit In: When School Stresses Trigger Eating Disorders

Equine Therapy: How Horses Help Troubled Teens Build Better Lives

Compulsive Gamblers at Increased Risk as March Madness Approaches

The Role of the Family in Addiction & Recovery


The Aspen Guide to Wilderness Therapy

Talking to Your Child About Weight

The Parent’s Guide to a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season

An Introduction to Mood Disorders & Treatment Options



The Power of Gratitude: Created for Sierra Tucson, a residential rehab facility in Tucson, AZ. This infographic was featured in an email campaign that addressed the role of gratitude in the recovery process. (Click image or title to view full infographic.)


Teens, Relationships, & Violence: Created for SUWS of the Carolinas, a therapeutic wilderness program in Old Fort, NC, to educate parents about the prevalence of teen relationship violence. (Click image or title to view full infographic.)


Get Active, Stay Active: Created for Structure House, a residential weight loss program in Durham, NC. This infographic was part of a campaign to promote healthy activity among previously sedentary individuals. (Click image or title to view full infographic.)

Travel & Feature Articles

WW II vet’s return to Normandy one of reflection, reverence

Liberators Always Welcome in St. Mere-Eglise

Following History’s Footprints in Edinbugh, Scotland

Rome Endures, Entices: Walk though history in Italy’s Eternal City